Super Simple Vaping E-Cigarettes How-to Guide from a former Smoker

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This super simple Vaping E-Cigarettes Guide was created by a former Smoker is designed to help those who want to learn about e-cigarettes quickly get started vaping.

Vaping e-cigarettes 100% absolutely helped me to quit smoking regular analog cigarettes.

As a former heavy cigarette smoker, I know firsthand that it can be a difficult habit to break. If I was without a cigarette for even a few hours I’d be on edge. In an effort not to totally give away my age, I will tell you that I smoked for at least 20 years and was considered a heavy chain-smoker at 1 to 2 packs per day of Marlboro, Winston or Pall Mall Reds.

When I decided that I wanted to quit “analogs”, I gave a few half-hearted efforts at just stopping and, while I was able to do it, I was extremely agitated and irritable.

Although I wanted to try vaping e-cigarettes, I had no idea where to start which his one of the reasons this Vaping E Cigarettes guide was created.

First efforts at Vaping


Kanger Nano in Pink

My first effort was with Vuse e-cigarettes. I knew right away that this was not the way to go long term and it is not something I would recommend. Although it was very easy, It is also costly, has a lot of nicotine in it and, in my opinion, they are designed by one of the big cigarette companies in an effort to keep you hooked.

I joined the e-cigarette forum, asked many questions and became better-educated an d less apprehensive.Because of the forum, I quickly graduated to an ego type of device which basically looks like a fat cigarette. It has a battery built in and you attach either a prefilled tank or a tank you fill yourself.  Although they are OK,  I will not cover it in detail because it is also not something I recommend. For approximately 5 months,  I used the ego type of e cigarettes.

Because of the forum, I quickly graduated to an ego type of device which basically looks like a fat cigarette. It has a battery built in and you attach either a prefilled tank or a tank you fill yourself.  Although they are OK and definitely helped me,  I will not cover it in detail because it is also not something I recommend. For approximately 5 months,  I used the ego type of e-cigarettes.

Although I never touched a regular analog cigarette again from the first day I began to vape, I was still not 100% satisfied and needed to find a more permanent option. for vaping e-cigarettes.

The four essential items needed for Vaping e-cigarettes

There are only 4 items needed to become successful at vaping e-cigarettes,

  1. An e-cigarette
  2. Batteries to power it
  3. E-Juice
  4. Coils that heat the e-juice and turn it into a vapor.
  • E-cigarettes have evolved and many experienced vapers use “box mod” with a removable battery.  I happen to use a Kanger Nano.  There are many on the market and you want to buy a decent one. Kanger is a main player in the e cig industry and is very easy to use – they also come in cool colors.
  • Removable batteries – usually a 18650. This is important because if you are a regular smoker, you are going to vape a lot – especially in the beginning. this way if the battery runs low, you simply swap out the battery with a fresh one that you carry. You do not want to skimp on cheapo batteries and want to buy from a reputable vendor.  I use Samsung.
  • E-juice. There are so many vendors out there and so many to try.  For me, I want as few ingredients as possible and I want to know what I am vaping.  There is an ingredient called Diacetyl that I avoid and I recommend you do too.  I cannot tell you how many times I do not purchase from a local vape store because they either do not know what is it the e-juice they sell or they will not tell you.
  • Coils.  This is screwed inside the tank and it heats up so the e-juice can be vaped.

Vaping e-cigarettes benefits

Here are some of the benefits I have noticed since I started vaping e-cigarettes

  • I feel better.  No more wheezing at night.
  • Overall cost savings.  I purchase my e-juice in bulk and save literally hundreds of dollars per month. I buy in bulk and let the e-juice “steep”. Generally speaking, I spend about $75 to $100 dollars on an order of e-juice and it my last order lasted me for 6 months.
  • I also feel like I have more control as to what is going into my body since the number of  e-juice ingredients are far less than what is in analog cigarettes.

The biggest benefit for me is two-fold:

  • Vaping is what helped me to PERMANENTLY  stop smoking cigarettes.
  • I now vape less and less

Those are two very important benefits.  I am now no longer a smoker and I also vape less and less.  In the beginning, I had my vape with me 24/7 and vaped constantly.  As time went on, I used better equipment and was able to decrease my nicotine intake and now vape 3 mg which is considered extra light.

Sometimes I even leave my vape home when I am out and about – something I would have never done with regular analog cigarettes.

It’s been said that people who smoke regular cigarettes are used to the puffing action and of having something in their hand.  Vaping e-cigarettes satisfied both of these cravings for me.

Obviously, I am a proponent of vaping.

Other important information about vaping e-cigarettes:

OHMS law and battery safety.

Steeping e-juice.

Please note that this guide is not a scientific manual and all opinions expressed within this article are my own.

Feel free to let us know if e-cigarettes helped you to quit smoking.

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  1. jason says:

    Vaping has come along way in the last year. Love getting my Vape on!!

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