Twitter ends partnership with Linkedin

June 30th, 20120 Comments »

Twitter ends their partnership with LinkedIn and some are wondering how it it will affect LinkedIn.

I can tell you that for the first time that I can remember, I can’t access LinkedIn right now.  I get a message saying to, “Sit tight. We’re taking a moment to clean things up”. I get the same message if I try to go directly to my profile page.

I’m not sure if the above is related however my 2 cents, at least from my perspective, is that it will not matter much.

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You see in my case, I have a number of blogs that I operate, Chellie’s World – which focuses on the casino gaming industry and anything else I feel talking about, Las Vegas World News, a blog that brings the most interesting news to my readers and Celebrity Feast, a blog where I dish on the latest celebrity gossip, news and rumors and quite frankly  I can say nearly anything I want on it.

I have the requisite separate twitter and facebook accounts for each blog and after trying a few different solutions,  I finally found a way to have my blog posts posted to facebook and twitter using Twitterfeed.  Although Twitterfeed can be a little slow, it works for me.

The issue I ran in to is with LinkedIn.  To me, LinkedIn is a professional networking site.  It’s not the type of site that I want all my tweets going to.  There are only certain tweets that that I wanted to post to LinkedIn.  Maybe I was in the minority but the whole integration between Twitter and LinkedIn did not work for me.

I experimented with a variety of ways of only posting certain tweets to LinkedIn using both the LinkedIn and Twitter interface and it just never worked right.

My solution was that I created another RSS feed via feedburner and then within the twitterfeed dashboard, I  set up parametes so that only certain blog posts are posted to LinkedIn.

Is it a perfect solution? No but overall it does work for me.

How will it affect you?


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