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Welcome to Las Vegas where hundreds of adult news racks dot the Las Vegas strip

Bally Technologies receives premliminary approval for online gaming license

In a groundbreaking move sure to place them in the forefront of technology, Bally Technologies (Bally) receives preliminary approval for an online gaming license from the Nevada State Gaming Control…

NY State Senator O"Mara

Does New York State Sen. Thomas F. O’Mara ever use the internet?

Does New York State Sen. Thomas F. O’Mara ever use the internet? The reason I ask if because he is trying to pass through a bill, S6779, that would require…

A Behind the Scenes Peak at a Casino Slots Floor – Part 2 Casino Myths Dispelled

Although casino gaming has become an acceptable past time for many Americans, there is still a lot of misinformation out there. In the first installment of, “A Behind the Scenes Peek…

photo of detection tool from DCWG

FBI says hundreds of thousands may lose Internet in July

FBI says hundreds of thousands may lose Internet in July The FBI was investigating a major hacking scam that changed DNS servers of unsuspecting users. The Hackers infected a network…

A Behind the Scenes Peek at a Casino Slots Floor – Part 1

There is so much more than meets the eye as to what happens behind the scenes on a Casino Slot Floor so I will provide a simple overview in this…

photo of numerous cell phones

New Rules to Combat Cell Phone Theft

If you have ever lost a cell phone then you know how frustrating  it can be.  After frantically searching for you cell phone and retracing you steps, you come to…

Innovative Ways to Utilize Business Intelligence

For any industry worth their salt,  a great deal of time is devoted to finding Innovative Ways to Utilize Business Intelligence.  Smaller companies may simply employ an analyst or two…

Google Plus Button

Google+ plug-in for WordPress that Passes Validation

Update. The makers of Really Simple Facebook Twitter Share Buttons have updated their plug-in and Google+ now works without throwing out validation errors.  That’s the great news.  The bad news is…

Photo of iPhone 3GS

T-Mobile – Where’s my 3G?

T-Mobile – Where’s my 3G? After the ill-fated, AT & T takeover of T-Mobile, there have been a number of reports circulated that some unlocked iPhones being used on the…

iPhone 3GS

How the Energizer AP1000 rejuvenated my iPhone 3GS battery

Last year during the Black Friday sales, I purchased the Energizer AP1000 extended battery pack with a built-in case. I threw it in the drawer and promptly forgot about it….

Volkswagen turns off BlackBerry email during non-work hours

Responding to employee complaints about their quality of life, German Volkswagen has turned off BlackBerry email by not sending BlackBerry email to the servers during non-work hours. Company BlackBerry email…

9 Steps to Create and Install a Favicon in your WordPress blog

Want to install a favicon? Have you read all the guides, followed the instructions to the letter, saved the files in the required .ico format, installed them to the themes…

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