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Recent casino scams

Since the beginning of casino gaming, there have been unscrupulous individuals looking for ways to scam the casino.  Casinos worldwide spend an enormous amount of money in an attempt to…

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas plans temporary EA sports bar

The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas has tweeted about their temporary Strip-side Sports bar opening “Sports bar meets video game lounge in our new #EASPORTSBAR, opening next week. (Just in time for…

Wynn Resorts and Kazuo Okada

Wynn vs Okada battle is getting interesting

The Wynn vs Okada battle is really heating up now and those in the gaming industry are watching with keen interest. After what appeared to be an amicable 12 year business…

Photo of Shawn Siepler standing in front of Clean The World

Clean the World Recycling Center Opens in Las Vegas

Do you ever wonder what happens to all the soap that hotels supply to guests? Partially used bars of soap, for obvious reasons, cannot be placed in another hotel room. …

2011 Nevada Gaming Revenue Numbers Indicate Good News

The 2011 Nevada Gaming Revenue numbers have been released by the Nevada State Gaming Control Board and they indicate some much needed good news. Here are the highlights: Statewide Gaming…

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