T-Mobile – Where’s my 3G?

February 5th, 20120 Comments »

T-Mobile – Where’s my 3G? After the ill-fated, AT & T takeover of T-Mobile, there have been a number of reports circulated that some unlocked iPhones being used on the T-Mobile network are receiving 3G coverage.  The reports that I have read specifically mention Las Vegas.  As a longtime T-Mobile customer I was so excited when I read this. Apparently as part of the break-up deal, T-Mobile  USA received a large package of Advanced Wireless Solutions (AWS) spectrum and long-term national UMTS roaming agreement

For those that know me, they know that I am a hardcore BlackBerry user. One of my favorite sites, CrackBerry, can probably attest to that!  Hands down, BlackBerry offers the best email experience for a business or power user. I have 11 active email accounts and I can easily manage my email which average at least 300 a day.

About 2 years ago, a former coworker had upgraded to the iPhone 4.  Since I like to “tinker” and have been perpetually curious about the popularity over the iPhone, I asked him if he was interested in selling his iPhone 3GS to me and he did.  Then another coworker upgraded and I bought his 3GS too.  After a brief learning curve, I performed a jailbreak and unlock on both phones, gave one to my Mom and I kept the other as my toy to surf  the web on wifi.  The battery life is great and I actually viewed it as a novelty.

And then something happened.  I realized I was using it more and more. I started out on wifi and soon after added a phone line to it and began carrying 2 phones.  Although my trusty BlackBerry was and is still my prime means of mobile email communication and I can text on it with my eyes closed,  I found myself using the iPhone 3GS for web surfing, GPS and began to talk on it more and more.  Even my Mom, who is a total non-computer person, suddenly became the mobile Internet queen. So T-Mobile – Where’s my 3G?

The only thing lacking was that if I am not on wifi, the speed is kind of slow.  Not awful I may add but slow. Slow enough that I would not even consider shelling out in upwards of $500 on an locked iPhone 4S.  When I read about people in Las Vegas receiving a 3G signal, I immediately toggled the 3G switch and, to my amazement, the phone did not lose signal as it usually does.  That was great however the big E denoting Edge was still there and not a 3G signal. So T-Mobile – where’s my 3G?

Come on , you’ve got the spectrum so T-Mobile – Where’s my 3G?

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