Steve Wynn emerges victorious

September 10th, 20121 Comment »

Steve Wynn emerges victorious

Steve Wynn emerges victorious

Steve Wynn and wife Andrea Hissom (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Did you really think it would turnout any differently?

Steven Wynn has been embroiled in a bitter years long battle with Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis.

The battle began when Joe Francis took out nearly $2 million in markers and decided he didn’t want to pay the money back so he simply defaulted.

What didn’t Francis simply pay his casino debt?  It’s not like he didn’t have the cash on hand.

Even after doing time for tax evasion, the Girls Gone Wild founder is still worth a reported $160 million!

Quincy Jones summed it up best.  The legendary music maker said, “If you lose the money, you pay the money”

Yes, Quincy Jones was involved because he had the misfortune of being Francis’ next door neighbor.

He didn’t even want to testify at first but int he end he did and his testimony certainly figured in for the favorable verdict for Wynn.

Apparently Francis didn’t want to pay and the next thing you know he is saying that Steve Wynn threatened his life.

Francis said he saw an email that the billionaire casino mogul sent to Quincy.

Mind you, Steve Wynn already won a $7.5 million judgement against Francis.

In that lawsuit, Wynn filed the defamation lawsuit, after Francis said he was going to reveal how Wynn deceived his high roller customers and Francis was ordered to pay $5 million for damaging Wynn’s rep and an additional $2.5 million in punitive damages.

Steve Wynn emerges victorious

Joe Francis (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Today Wynn can add another $20 million on top of the $7.5 . The ruling was in Wynn’s favor for disparaging, damaging and patently false remarks that Francis made on Good Morning America and allegedly to a producer at TMZ.

Wynn has categorically denied the allegations and said,

“It would be a singularly self-destructive, incredibly, incredibly stupid”.

Neither Wynn nor Francis was in court for the verdict.

The battle is not completely over yet.

Francis has a civil case pending in California accusing Wynn of maliciously reporting their dispute to the local prosecutor’s office.




Steve Wynn emerges victorious
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