Sickening new gambling trend in Taiwan

January 15th, 20130 Comments »
An absolutely applalng gambling trend has takenshape in Taiwan where people gamble on when terminally ill people that are hospitalized will die.

Betting on when people will die in Taiwan is the latest gambling trend. (Photo: Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos/)

Sickening new gambling trend in Taiwan

There is a sickening new gambling trend in Taiwan that is taking shape.

Although it does not have an “official” name, it might as well be called, “Gambling on when people will die”.

Gamblers are placing bets predicting when old and terminally ill hospital patients are going to die.

Who are the gamblers, you ask, that are participating in such a macabre and appalling practice?

The group is comprised of hardcore gamblers as well as the families of the terminally ill cancer patients.

It’s been reported by the China Press that there are even some Doctors and Nurses participating in the sickening new gambling trend in Taiwan.

There are reportedly approximately 60 so-called “senior citizens clubs” currently operating that take these disgusting bets.

They mask their true intentions by posing as charitable organizations for the elderly.

According to the Daily Mirror, many of these “clubs” are located in Taizhong City, the third largest city in Taiwan.

Here’s how this disgusting practice works.

Those wishing to participate in the gambling pool pay a membership fee of NT$2,000, which is approximately $69 dollars in US currency.

According to Mail Online, the bookies then visit the hospitals, walk around and observe the patients to survey possible prospects (people) to bet on and then seek permission from the patients’ family.

Then, on a subsequent visit, they take the people (punters) that will place bets to the hospital to observe the patients.

The bookies win if the cancer patients die within a month.

If the patient dies between one and six months after the bets were placed, then the gamblers win and are paid three times their wager.

Some of the pots have reportedly climbed as high as $1.3 million dollars, in equivalent US currency.

Why would family members of someone who is terminally ill agree to these types of bets?

Some agree to participate because they need the money to help pay for funeral costs.

Some family members have even  been offered special bonuses if they arrange for doctors to withhold life-prolonging treatments.

As horrible as it sounds, a variation of this type of practice occurs in the US. Not to the same extent as it is Taiwan, however, it does occur.

There is a small percentage of Doctors, Nurses and others involved in patient care that bet each others, on a regular basis, as to which patients will make it and which will not. Although money does not change hands, that practice is equally appalling.

Reports said local police were investigating the sickening new gambling trend in Taiwan.

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