roulette wheel at the Rio was in diagnostic mode

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I can go on and one and on about probabilities and theoreticals  but I’m not – – today at least.  Today what made the news was the roulette wheel at the Rio that showed the same number come up repeatedly.

Jeff Romano, a professional gambler, caused a bit of a row, when he says he noticed a bunch of people around the roulette wheel at The Rio All Suites Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.  What he saw was that the  roulette wheel at The Rio was showing that #19 hit 8 times, with 7 times being in a row! Definitely unusual so he snapped a pic and posted it on twitter.

Next thing you know, the photo goes viral with many of the major new outlets picking up the story.  Turn out, The Detroit News confirms the non-news, adding a quote from Rio spokesman Gary Thompson, who told the paper, “There was no one playing at that table. It was just a diagnostic test being done.”

Then the tables turned a bit again with some apparently pointed the finger at Hurricane Jeff.  He was rightly annoyed and posted this follow-up tweet.

Roulette wheel at The RioThe funny thing is that people started sending in photos to a number of newspapers claiming that they have seen the same number come up repeatedly.  At this point, we do not know if the photos are doctored or not but it is interesting.

I’ve been in the casino industry for 20+ years and I have not seen it.  I’ve seen pretty big  slot jackpots hit back-to-back, I’ve seen video poker machines hit royal flushes back-to-back. One lucky guy, hit a 20K $5 video poker Royal Flush and while they were preparing the paperwork, he played one hand in the machine next to him and hit a second Royal Flush for $20 grand,.

Funny thing was that I noticed it before he did.

Another  time at a major strip casino, a woman started out playing video poker on the quarter machines.  She was a leisure gambler housewife from, I think, Iowa on vacation.  She hit a royal for $1,000.  Feeling lucky, she moved on to the dollar video poker machines.  She won $4,000 on 2 different machines probably within 2 hours.  Lucky Lady, right?

Then, she moved over to the $5 video poker machines.  I was fairly friendly with her since I had supervised the payments of the jackpots and knew who she was.  As we were chatting, she was dealt 4 cards to the royal in clubs  along with a 2 of clubs.  Now working in a casino, you are not really supposed to offer up advice.  She held all the cards and before pressing the draw button, she asked me, “What would you do?”  I told her it was her decision and than being she was so lucky, she might want to try for that 4th Royal and lo and behold, she drew a 10 of clubs and won 20K.

She went on to win a few hundred thousand dollars over about a 2 year period and gambled regularly.  He marriage broke up and she became a regular fixture in  the casino. And then, she lost it all. went back to Iowa never to be seen or heard from  again.

It seems that people on a lucky streak almost seem as if they can’t lose however I can tell you many times they do.

A great memory was when I was working downtown back in the 80’s.  A guy came in and he sort of looked homeless and started playing craps.  I believe his starting bankroll was $150 dollars. He was up to well over 100K.  We were all silently rooting for him. He was super generous with his tips and then boom – he lost it all.

Working in the industry, I’ve seen that happen more often that you’d probably believe.

What about you?  Have you won any multiple jackpots?  Have you really ever seen the same number come up on a roulette wheel multiple times in a row.

Feel free to comment and let me know.

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