Pandora radio analytics ties in music with politics

February 18th, 20140 Comments »

Is Pandora analytics a game changer for political advertising?

Pandora radio analytics predicts who you will vote for

Can Pandora radio analytics really predict if radio listeners will vote for a democratic or republican candidate?

In an interesting advertising campaign being rolled out, targeting candidates and political organization, the internet music giant that boast 73 million subscriber claims that it can predict what candidate their music listeners will vote for by analyzing election results and their subscribers preferences broken down by zip code.

There have been a number of scientific studies linking musical tastes to personality and even consumer behavior.

Professor Adrian North of the  Heriot-Watt University in Scotland is an recognized expert worldwide in the psychology of music. In a study of approximately 36,000 across the globe, he  identified which six character traits apply to music lovers of each genre.

A large put of his research is focused on the relationship between music and consumer behavior.

His research indicates, for example, that classical music lovers have high self-esteem and are creative and at ease with themselves, but are not outgoing. In contrast, rock ‘n’ roll fans have high self-esteem and very creative, hardworking and at ease with themselves, but are not very kind or generous.

Since there have been a number of scientific studies on linking musical tastes to personality, is it that much of a stretch to incorporate predicting voting behavior?

Pandora predicts that their analytics will yield a success rate of approximately 75- to -85 percent.

Radio subscribers of Pandora provide only the most very basic of information when they sign up, so it seems like there might be a good amount of guesswork factored in,  although some of their recent moves to improve customer engagement also likely was used for data-mining purposes.

The advertising revenue could provide a much needed boost to he company since the internet radio market has become quite competitive.

Pandora plans on rolling out it’s radio analytics campaign this week.



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