Palms Casino Las Vegas faces million dollar fine from NGCB

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The Palms Casino-Las Vegas

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Palms Casino Las Vegas faces million dollar fine from NGCB

The Palms Casino Las Vegas faces a million dollar fine from the NGCB based on the findings from an undercover sting that was conducted at the property.

Nightclubs in Las Vegas are wildly popular and whether one wants to admit it or not, it is widely known that there are plenty drugs available.  If someone has deep enough pockets, most anyone can receive the VIP treatment, including purchasing prostitutes and numerous other “extra” services.

A few years back, some of the Las Vegas Strip casinos really pushed the envelope by having strippers patronize their pool area and before long, the watchful eye of the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) was upon them and that practice ended quickly.

It’s a delicate balance.  Las Vegas’ reputation as an “anything goes” fantasy land was catapulted to the national level with  R & R’s very popular slogan of, “What Happens Here, Stays Here”,  giving many the impression that anything goes in Las Vegas.

The other issue is the substantial revenue that the Nightclubs generate. Drink prices and admission prices are steep, and even when all the involved personnel take their cuts, the revenue generated is substantial.

You know they are profitable when they can afford to pay celebrities like Kim Kardashian hundreds of thousands of dollars simply to show up!

A pool cabana rental at a popular property can go for thousands of dollars, during the day!  That doesn’t even factor in the “cut” that the person renting the cabana has taken for themselves.

The hosts working in the Las Vegas Nightclub industry treat nightclub patron’s like casino patrons were treated of yesteryear. The host serves as the contact point to obtain drugs, girls and securing private areas.

The sting conducted at the Palms Casino Las Vegas included numerous visits and was conducted from March through May of this year.

There were numerous instances of service managers, host, busboys and security officers who, for a price, obtained drugs, prostitutes and even private areas to conduct the illegal activities away from prying eyes.

Gaming regulations within the hotel and gaming environment in Las Vegas are extremely stringent, very clear and strictly adhered to.

Casino employees, overall,  are well-trained and even have to say “No”to casino patrons at times as well as file reports for certain types of suspicious activity.

Although the Palms Casino Las Vegas faces a million dollar fine from the NGCB, that amount, relatively speaking, is  just a drop in the bucket, however, the message it sends is quite powerful

There have to be limits, even in Las Vegas.

Full Text of NGCB against the Palms Casino

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