Nevada unemployment rate drops in November; unemployment extension update

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Nevada unemployment rate drops in November

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The Nevada unemployment rate drops in November but is that really good news?

On the surface it seems to be. Last November the silver state clocked in at an unemployment rate of 13%.

One year later, the rate is 10.8%.

The bad news is the numbers can and are manipulated.  Some say that is done simply to bolster the idea that the nation is in recovery mode.

The more likely reason for the “skewed” numbers is that there are calculations figured in to the rate that simply do not reflect certain factors.

For example, there are a number of people that have accepted very low paying full time jobs yet they held a much better position when they first became unemployed.  A friend of mine, an accountant was making $95,000 a year as a senior accountant and accepted a job that pays one quarter of what he was making.

According to the figures released, he is now factored in as being gainfully employed; yet he still faces foreclosure.

Others have stopped looking for work, furthering skewing the numbers.

What is weighing on the minds of unemployed Nevadans and the unemployed in many other states is whether there will be an extension of unemployment benefits in 2013.

Talks have stalled and the fiscal cliff is looming.

President Obama has indicated that an unemployment extension must be part of the deal.

Republicans at this point in time seem to be much more interested in preserving tax cuts for the wealthiest of Americans.

That appears to be their top priority although they seem to be equally interested in eliminating the payroll tax cuts for the working class Americans so it appears it is going to be a long battle that may not be able to be resolved before the end of the year.

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