Madonna stumbles during Super Bowl Halftime performance

February 5th, 20120 Comments »

After all the hard work and media build up,  Madonna stumbles during Super Bowl Halftime performance.  Once one of the hippest, controversial, singers of the 1980’s  Madonna began the process of reviving her career by performing during the highly desirable Super Bowl halftime spot.

Although Madonna has been the subject of some jabs this week as evidenced by this hilarious parody of the aging performer on late night with Conan, it’s admirable that she has kept herself in shape.  Her new video, Give Me All Your Luvin’ is reminiscent of her 80’s sound and has a catchy, upbeat tune.   Ever the shrewd businesswoman, she  included Nicky Minaj in order to appeal to the younger set who may not even know who Madonna is.

In the video, Madonna appeared to dress age appropriate and even looked sexy in some shots.  It was a bit surprising to see her in a long white outfit however it was interspersed with some sexy shots.  By contrast, during the Super Bowl Half Time performance, her attire looked a bit drab – too much black and she appeared stiff.  She also wore gloves perhaps to hide her very veiny arms. As for age appropriateness, some might not be able to buy into the whole cheerleader thing. She performed a great selection of songs doing a good job of blending in her old hits with her new song and was joined by Cee Lo Green for Just Like a Prayer.

Back in the day, Madonna was known for her brassiness and her candor.  That’s what made her Madonna!  As the years wore on, she changed.  She adopted a fake English accent and then went a bit over the top when she compared herself to Wallis Simpson.  It seemed that she all but renounced her Michigan roots and was, all of a sudden, British. And now, during her latest round of publicity, she is very much the Michigan gal.  Go figure.

Her performance was a bit lackluster and coupled with the unfortunate stumbles and somewhat dreary attire, I’d rate the performance a C+

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