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[captionpix imgsrc=”” imgalt=” Royal Flush in hearts” imgtitle=”Royal Flush” imglink=”” align=”right”]Visiting Las Vegas is always exciting!  It doesn’t matter if you are a first time visitor, a local resident or someone who visits Las Vegas regularly, there is simply no other place like it.   Due to the nature of my employment within the Casino industry, I’ve visited many of the US States that now offer gaming and have yet to come across one that offers the entire atmosphere that Las Vegas offers.  When you are looking at the welcoming neon lights from the window seat of the plane or driving by the famed Welcome to Las Vegas sign, you know it’s the beginning of an exciting time.

Many people simply make a reservation, arrive in Vegas, excitedly cross their fingers and let nature take its course while hoping for the best.  That’s OK – I mean after all you are on vacation and certainly don’t want it to be work.  There are a few things however, 4 to be exact, that you can easily do and these 4 simple items will certainly help make your stay more enjoyable, and help tilt the odds in your favor.

This information is not about going to Vegas on the cheap, there are plenty of sites around if that is your goal. This site is about being educated so that you can make the most of your time in Las Vegas and take advantage of the many, MANY offers that are available to you.  Offers that most folks simply do no know about. Reading through this you will be part of the crowd that does. Take the advice of a Las Vegas industry insider. You’ll be glad you did.

4 Steps to make the most of your Las Vegas Vacation

[captionpix imgsrc=”” imgalt=” Beautiful aerial Slot of Las Vegas Strip during the day” imgtitle=”Las Vegas Strip during the day” imglink=”” captiontext=”Las Vegas Strip during the day”] Wouldn’t it be nice to come on vacation and have that vacation end up being free or, at the minimum, cost less than you expected?  Of course it would. Who knows, you  could even have Lady Luck on your side and come home as a huge winner. It’s part of the lure of gambling regardless of your socioeconomic status.

I know a number of people who have come to Vegas, had a little of bit luck and ended up paying much less than they thought for their vacation … sometimes even free … plus they take advantage of future offers they receive in the mail for a free hotel stay for their next trip.

Here are the 4 very simple steps that you should take to ensure that you reap the most benefits out of your Las Vegas Vacation

Step One

If this is your first visit, shop around for pricing.  It does not matter if you are staying at the ultra luxurious Wynn on the strip or the recently renovated Plaza downtown. There are huge price differences so it is worth it to spend a little time on-line researching.  Once you get what you think is your best price, call the Hotel Directly and ask to speak with the front desk. Speak with a front desk representative to see if you can obtain a better price.  If you are celebrating a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary or wedding, be sure to mention it.  Unbeknownst to many non-insiders many times you will very pleasantly wowed if you politely ask.  The staff at Las Vegas Hotel & Casinos are very professional, friendly and do their absolute best to accommodate guests requests. You may end up with a nicer room, even a suite, for the same price.   That’s what happened to a friend of mine at the MGM.  Here is a list of the more popular hotels with direct links to their websites. Please note that if you have been to Las Vegas before and used your players card, read through item #2

Step Two

Sign up for a Casino Player Club card and use it each and every time you play. Las Vegas Casinos offer a players club card and they are jam packed with valuable benefits.  It is similar to a loyalty card that you regularly use at grocery stores.  Other than checking-in, this should be the first thing you do when walking in to a casino.  I suggest you have a small wallet to keep the cards in.  Some of the larger Casino’s like Harrah’s, Station Casinos, and MGM have cards can be used for multiple casino properties.  You may not know what company owns the various casinos so if you have the cards all in one place, you can just show them to the representative at the players club and they will let you know if you already have a card.  Some Casinos will even allow you to sign up for a player’s club card online.  If you have a idea of what casinos you’re most likely to visit, visit my Las Vegas Page and click on the the hotels you are interested in to bring you directly to their site.  From there, you can navigate to the casino tab and sign-up.

Step 3

Set a daily gambling limit and stick to it.  A very effective method is to make sure you have an empty envelope in your purse or pocket.  I prefer a colored one like green which represents money. As you gamble, within your allocated budget of course, any amount won which is over your original bank roll should  immediately be  placed in the empty envelope.

Step 4

If the machine you are playing is not treating you too well…MOVE.  Either go to another machine or go to another Casino. With so many machines around, there is no need to get stuck.  If you do take my advice and move and someone sits at the machine you were at and hits a jackpot, congratulate them and don’t give it another thought. You may be saying to yourself, “Shoot, if I would have stayed, I would have won”.  This is not true. Due to the inner working of the machines, you would not have won.  The machines have a RNG which is the Random Number Generator.  Basically, the RNG determines on any given spin whether you win or lose and it is constantly in motion spitting out numbers. It’s a bit complex to explain here so if you want to read up on RNG’s, here is a great source. If you are a video poker aficionado or wannabe, check out my insider tips on general guidelines as to the different types of poker games, where they are usually placed and the easy way to tell if they offer a maximum payback.  Again, it is about maximizing your edge and using available information that most people simple don’t pay attention to!

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