Las Vegas Sapphire Strip Club adults-only pool

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Will expanded strip clubs divert guests from the Casinos? (Photo credit: Alf Igel)

Las Vegas Sapphire Strip Club adults-only pool

The Sapphire Strip Club adults-only pool is scheduled to open sometime this spring.

Strip Clubs are big business in Las Vegas and the casinos have tried to get in on the action.

You may remember the Rio’s controversial partnership with the Sapphire Strip Club where topless dancers, from what is billed as the world’s largest strip club, got up close and personal with guests at the pool.

The partnership was marred with numerous arrests made at the pool for drugs and prostitution.  Ultimately, the pool was voluntarily closed after it failed what Metro billed as an “integrity check”

Next nightclubs, located within the casino grounds, became wildly popular, bringing in the ever important revenue.

Similar types of problems surfaced at the nightclubs, along with other issues. Most recently the potential fine of $1 million against the Palms for illegal activity involving drug and prostitution.  This activity was uncovered during a sting operation conducted by the Nevada GCB at a number of nightclubs at The Palms.

Apparently, the Sapphire Strip Club believes that there is huge demand for an adult pool and playground off the strip.

The new Sapphire Strip Club adults-only pool, aka –  Sapphire Pool & Day Club, will be located adjacent to the strip club on industrial road.

The $8 million venture will include a pool complex with cabanas and a DJ. In fact, they are holding a contest to find the right DJ, with the winner being awarded a cool $100,000 and a job.

Will the Sapphire Pool & Day Club divert business away from the casinos?

It remains to be seen, however it is something to be concerned about.

Nearly all of the major Las Vegas casinos feature some type of “party pit”,  although the prospect of getting up close and personal with a stripper in a club type environment, may be hard for some to resist.

The downside for them, which is advantageous to the Casinos, is that the pool is located off the strip.

We all know that there are many people who simply do not want to travel that far.

It’s just too much trouble for them. They want, so to speak, instant gratification.

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  1. RoknSpock says:

    The day-clubs on the strip such as Marquee and Encore Beach Club do not need to fear this development. Sapphire will not be able to book the DJ’s that the top clubs have under contract. Wynn / Encore and MGM are paying top-dollar for DJ’s such as Calvin Harris, Deadmau5 and Diplo. These acts bring in the ‘young and attractive’ people that everyone wants to be around. Can you imagine the old, balding, fat guys that go to Sapphire in speedos? Getting a visual? Sorry! Haha!

  2. Srip Clubs says:

    What an important post you have shared for us…I just want to say keep it up..I will wait for you next post..::-)
    Srip Clubs

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