Las Vegas Makes the List for Cities with the Most Tattoos

January 16th, 20120 Comments »

Las Vegas, soon to become tattoo central?

Another day. Another list.  This time, Las Vegas makes the list for Cities with the Most Tattoos.  With the ever continuing influx of visitors and abundant nightlife it’s not surprising that this Gaming Mecca is on the list and, I must admit, refreshing to see Las Vegas on a list for something fun, rather than the recent press for high foreclosure, unemployment and divorce rates.  Here’s a link to one my articles about more fun things Las Vegas is known for. compiled an unofficial yet thorough list.  They did their homework utilizing various sources for public information, along with some good ole’ fashioned detective work to obtain their results.  Las Vegas, for example, has 74 Tattoo shops within the city limits.  Miami, FL, secured the top spot with 24 shops per 100,000 people. A Harris Interactive poll from 2008 shows that at least 14% of all adults are adorned with at least one tattoo with the highest density being in the 25 to 29 year old age group and 20% of them are in the West.

In years past, tattoos were often thought of as “taboo” especially in the workplace with people deploying various means of covering them up from using band-aids to strategically arranged clothing. Growing up I remember a childhood friend who had 3 tattoos and whenever we attended events like “meet the parents”,  she’d have 2 band-aids, one on her wrist and another on [captionpix imgsrc=”” imgalt=”Skin Factory.  Las Vegas Tattoo and Body Piercing Shops ” imgtitle=”Skin Factory Tattoo” imglink=””  Captiontext=”Skin Factory Tattoo” width=”200″ Photo source”]her ankle and would wear long sleeves to hide the one on her back … even in 100 degree weather! I was a bit surprised to see that Laughlin, NV or Bullhead City, AZ did not make the list.  When I worked in Laughlin, I hired the casino staff.  It seemed that there was a high density of people that had tattoos.  Generally, many casinos and other workplaces required tattoos to be covered up. This proved to be a difficult, nearly impossible feat since Laughlin enjoys a year round sunny, hot climate and a number of casino positions such as serving cocktails require that you show some skin.  The issue became so prolific with many otherwise qualified applicants being turned away that it resulted in a policy change from no visible tattoos to no “offensive” visible tattoos.

Body art in general has become much more socially acceptable.  From Angelina Jolie to George Shultz  to even our beloved Barbie, tattooing is now mainstream body art.  Check out Skin Factory in Las Vegas.

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