Las Vegas Hooters Casino will receive makeover

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Hooters Casino will receive makeover


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With a New year comes new plans for Hooters Casino Hotel in Las Vegas.

The perpetually failing Casino has a new leadership team in place and is laying the groundwork for some major “tweaks”

Rick Richards, former Senior VP/General Manager at the Hard Rock, now calls Hooters home.

He and his team have gone public detailing some of the changes that they plan on implementing and, according to the Las Vegas Sun, they include;

  • updating uniforms
  • renovating their “beach”
  • attracting famous faces
  • saying sayonara to the video game bar
  • adding a new show
  • refurbishing the rooms

Those items should certainly help but, for now, the one thing that will be hard to overcome is the location.

For some reason, it is just a tough location. Really tough.

If I remember correctly many years ago, it was the Grenada Casino. Several ownership changes later, it was The Polynesian, then the San Remo and now Hooters.

One would think that it is a great location!  Although it is off the strip, it is quite close to the Trop and MGM so why are they not at the peak of success?

The four corners at the intersection of Las Vegas Blvd can house an entire city, although it is not likely that the people on the west side of the strip will cross Las Vegas Blvd and walk all the way to Hooters so that leaves the casinos on the east side of the strip, which is still substantial.

As a woman, one thing I can tell you is that I pay close attention to safety and perhaps this is a reason for Hooter’s not receiving throngs of walk though traffic.

For some reason, even as a tough New Yorker, I just do not feel safe walking on the side of Tropicana Avenue from the Tropicana Hotel to Hooters.


It’s dark.  You might now realize how much property the Tropicana Las Vegas actually has. When walking along Tropicana Ave towards Hooters, you are walking adjacent to a parking lot type of structure.  As you are picking up the pace to get to Hooters, the front of the casino is still a hike from the main Ave and it’s dark – or, at least it was the last time  I visited.

For the few times, I drove there, I felt even more unsafe in the parking lot.

Let’s hope that with the changes being implemented, and the new leadership, that Hooters will become force to be reckoned with!

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