Is Kim Kardashian losing her appeal?

December 22nd, 20112 Comments »

Although Kim Kardashian still makes the news, the tone seems to be changing since the announcement of the breakup of the ill-fated, possible sham marriage. Sweatshop labor, being named Most Ill-Mannered, a target of PETA and now sparking an 18% newsstand circulation drop, one has to wonder what the future holds.   At least “poor” Kim had 65K on hand to buy a few bracelets from Elizabeth Taylor’s Collection

Are you surprised?  Let’s not forget her original claim to fame was a sex tape.  That tape, whether it was planned or not was the foundation that launched all things Kardashian.

Perhaps the masses would have more respect if they simply came across as more truthful. Barbara Walters said it best when she told the Kardashian sisters that they have no talent.

Do you really think they give a hoot about you? I mean really? Is their home adorned with the Sears merchandise they were trying to sell?  Are they all running around in their shoes from Show Dazzle?  Can you see Kim sitting there for weeks or months actually focusing, planning and designing something? In all fairness, with a name on oh so many products, it would be a challenge to really be involved in the process unless you were really extraordinary and your name was Steve Jobs.

At least there is an official Kardashian spokesman for this latest round of damage control and we will be spared Kris Jenner making the TV rounds.

Is the Kardashian brand coming to an end or is it just minor blip in the road?

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