How I grew to embrace the iPhone

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the top and sides of an iPhone 3G S.

iPhone 3G S. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How I grew to embrace the iPhone

Just ask anyone that knows me and they will tell you that I love technology.  Any and all technology.

It’s kind of a funny and long story about how I grew to embrace the iPhone.

I’m the gal that carries numerous phones with different operating systems, just for fun, and who owns countless toys. Even if it is something I will never utilize,  I find myself still engrossed and want to make sure I understand it fully.

Take the iPhone, for example.  I was never really an Apple fan.

No one could accuse me of being an Apple fangirl!

Back in the day, I used a Macintosh but there was like no one else really using Macs so as time went on, I gradually moved away from it.

I carried around my two trusty latest model Blackberry’s, had the requisite laptop, netbook and tablet and happily stayed in touch with everyone.

A friend at work was upgrading their iPhone and I asked if he was selling it.  He had the phone only a short time and took excellent care of it. I thought it would give me the opportunity to tinker with it.  I planned on taking it apart, putting it back together and maybe using it as either a Wi-Fi device, on occasion, or perhaps just to store music on it.

He sold it to me for $100. Another person at work was selling their phone and I purchased a second one for $100 for a family member. $200 bucks for 2 iPhones.

You see, I use T-mobile as my cell phone carrier and, at the time, AT & T and T-Mobile were on completely different bands, which meant that I would only be able to attain EDGE speeds.

Apple iPhone 3GS, Motorola Milestone and LG GW60

Apple iPhone 3GS, Motorola Milestone and LG GW60. After all this time, the iPhone 3GS still works! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That just would not do.  I’d never shell out that kind of cash for a new phone, iPhone or otherwise, that could attain EDGE only speeds but for $100 apiece, I decided to try it out.

Just as a point of reference, I have used every cell phone carrier and T-Mobile in my area is simply the best.

I worked at a particular casino where I could not get service in certain areas of the casino.  Even though I had a work phone, that phone went out too sometimes and people would call me on my personal number.

I’d see other people talking on their phones and would ask them what carrier they used.  They all answered T-Mobile so I switched and have, overall, been a satisfied customer for nearly 10 years.

Anyway, before long, I had mastered the jailbreaking and unlocking process and had both iPhones operational. I tested it with one of my T-Mobile SIM cards and it worked.

I ran out and purchased an AT & T GoPhone just so I could have the AT&T SIM card, without a contract, in order to test the much touted 3G on the iPhone. If it worked well, I would have considered getting an AT&T phone line for the iPhone.

I was completely disappointed.

Within 2 weeks, I had more dropped calls than I care to discuss and it really left a bad taste in my mouth

I kept the iPhone anyway and used it mainly at home on Wi-Fi.  The iPhone offered a much faster web experience than either of my BlackBerry’s and I was thrilled that I could actually see the screen.

Even though I enjoy my BlackBerry, you’re kidding yourself if you think it’s a good, or even passable web device.

In all the years of using cell phones, I never got the great experience of a smartphone because I rarely used the BlackBerry for any web-oriented things. I’d rather wait until I got home or accessed my laptop rather than becoming frustrated because the webpages would close due to low memory,

At about this same time, T-Mobile was offering a special. If you were on the family plan, which I was, you could add a line that had 500 minutes plus 2 gig of data for a whopping $15 a month. What a deal.  $15 a month for a toy, in my book, is a bargain!

I  took the deal and intended to continue to use the iPhone as my Wi-Fi toy. You know, like late at night when I can’t sleep and don’t feel like firing up a desktop or bringing out the laptop or netbook or tablet.

Comunicando 114 ¿Qué móvil prefieres? iPhone, ...

(Photo credit: jagelado)

I learned all about Cydia and had a great time tweaking the iPhone. I customized my screen, installed applications that allowed me to change the orientation of the iPhone even on the home screen and I even went out and purchased a case/keyboard from, are you ready for this,

As much as I enjoy using the iPhone, I  still cannot type very fast on it since I am used to a physical keyboard. I even tried the iPhone’s version/hacked version of SWYPE and it did not work too well.

Still, more and more I found myself using it, even on EDGE and even with the bulky keyboard case.

Before long, when I needed to look up something quick, I found myself reaching for the the iPhone instead of my BlackBerry.

I installed Google Voice, Talkatone, Bite SMS, TextFree, every news app you could imagine, movie apps, expense and flight trackers, business apps, Pandora and a host of others. Shoot I could even update my WordPress blogs and a few times when I needed to fax something on the go, I figured out a way to do it, with the help of an app, from my iPhone.

I remember when the Casey Anthony trial was going on, I was able to watch the trial, even on EDGE. How cool was that!

By now I was still carrying 3 phones, which is a bit ridiculous –  even for me; a personal BB, a work BB and an iPhone 3GS.

For a gal that does not like to carry a purse, I had to – just to fit my phones!

I started ordering cases for the iPhone, screen protectors, extra chargers, and even a cute little stand so I could watch movies, (yes I was now watching movies on my iPhone).

And then I heard that because of the collapsed T-Mobile AT & T merger, that T-Mobile received some spectrum as part of the deal, which meant that 3G service was in sight for the iPhone on T-Mobile’s network.


I eagerly toggled on the 3G, which did not cut-off service as it has in the past, but no 3G.

Daily I checked the two iPhone forums, ModMyi and everythingiCafe that have helped me out many times while learning the IOS system.

Those iPhone forums mentioned-above, in my opinion, are extremely helpful with very friendly, extremely, knowledgeable people. No snide remarks or attitudes. just people who who really know their stuff and enjoy helping others.

And then one day, lo and behold, not too long thereafter I had a 3G signal.


Eager to test it, I went outside, made a few calls and not one call was dropped and the Internet was very fast.

I immediately called T-Mobile and upped my data plan to monthly unlimited 4g for $20 – $10 more than I was paying.

Sure I know I can’t get 4G, however, the unlimited 4G provides unlimited data on 3G rather than the 2 gigs of high speed, then reduced speed thereafter plan I was on.

As for the Blackberry, I now only have one and, in my opinion, it is still the most efficient way to for me to communicate via email or text. I can literally do either with my eyes closed.

So yes, I grew to embrace the iPhone and will likely purchase the latest and greatest iPhone. I’d like to purchase a factory unlocked one but cannot justify the expense at this time.

I did try to unlock both iPhones that I purchased via AT&T’s web form and was not successful.

I received different reasons for denial each time, which, sad to say, really makes me question their integrity in that matter.

I highly doubt that the two individuals I purchased them from would take my money and then report the phone stolen but I guess you never know! Still different messages each time makes me wonder what is going on with AT&T.

As for my BlackBerry, I now view it as my email and texting device and use the iPhone for everything else. I used only 25MB of data on my blackberry last month. That’s it.

For my 10 e-mail accounts with thousands of email messages, the BB is awesome. I use the iPhone for everything else and have even become better at texting.

I now have over 800 charge cycles on it and it’s still going strong. Yes, there an app for that!

The durability is simply amazing!

That’s how I grew to embrace the iPhone.

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