Hawaii man badly beaten at Las Vegas casino sues

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Hawaii man badly beaten at Las Vegas casino sues

Main Street Station Casino Resort Hotel , a Boyd property, is the recipient of a not so great for publicity lawsuit. A Hawaii man badly beaten at Las Vegas casino sues for negligence claiming that the casino was at fault for not providing sufficient security in a long, dark hallway that leads to the restrooms.

Calvin Kawamura, who was beaten and robbed in 2010, was severely attacked and robbed of $300 by a homeless man who wandered into a casino bathroom. He spent days in the intensive care unit with skull fractures and bleeding to the brain.

Although the California Hotel & Casino, another Boyd Property, is known for having a large Hawaiian base of customers, Main Street station actively courts the same market with its Vacations Hawaii website

His attorney Edmund Saffery tells Hawaii News Now that the casino markets itself as, “a home away from home” for Hawaii residents who frequent Las Vegas and that it should be a safe place for visitors.

Speaking of the vicious attack Saffrey said, “He’s attacked from behind and his head is smashed into the urinal by a person we understand was homeless at the time, who had wandered into the casino unimpeded”

Main Street and California hotel casinos located off the beaten path in downtown Las VegasSo just how safe are the downtown casinos?  After spending years working in the downtown market, I can tell you that it’s questionable.  The Fremont Street Experience itself, in my opinion, is relatively safe – – just as long as your stay on it and not venture down any of the side streets, particularly late at night.  Main Street Station is off the beaten path.

As for the casinos, I walked into a casino on that very end of the Fremont Street Experience, as I did regularly when I was employed downtown to check-out the competition.

In this instance, a new restaurant had opened and I wanted to check it out.  After taking the escalator up to the location, I realized that the “down” escalator was out of service and there was no directional signage.  I wandered around and finally found someone who said, “take that door”.

I took that door, which led to a stairway and ended up in an extremely dark area by a set of fire doors.  I was with a male coworker friend and we devised a makeshift system to get us back into civilization.  I held open the door from the stairwell, which shone just enough light for us to see and he walked through the labyrinth littered with cigarette butts and empty beer cans and found a door that led to the outside.  He then held that door open to illuminate the area with outside lighting, while I closed the first door and made my way out.  I remember we both breathed a sigh of relief.

I shudder at the thought of the danger I could have been in had I been alone and not with a very fit male coworker friend and had it been late at night since I am sure there would have been a homeless inhabitant or two there.

Although it was quite dark, we did not see any evidence of camera coverage.  Obviously there cannot be 100% camera coverage in any casino however a strong show of security presence and regular walks paths might help reduce these types of incidents.  In the experience recounted above,  the litter that I witnessed suggests that the area in question was not regularly patrolled let alone having any type of surveillance coverage.

Main Street Station operator Boyd Gaming Corp. naturally has declined to comment on pending litigation.

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