Google+ plug-in for WordPress that Passes Validation

February 6th, 20120 Comments »

Update. The makers of Really Simple Facebook Twitter Share Buttons have updated their plug-in and Google+ now works without throwing out validation errors.  That’s the great news.  The bad news is I have had to remove my FB like button because it is taking over a full minute to load.  Definitely not good.  I don’t know if this is inherent to the FB share button itself so I am, of course, going to investigate but I  am glad to see that Google+ is working. I’m deleting the Add Google Plus one Social Share Button because as mentioned below, the placement options don’t really work for me. End Update

If you’re looking for a Google+ plug-in for WordPress that actually passes validation, then you will want to keep reading because after 2 very frustrating days, I found one

Just how important is site validation.  Depending on whom you speak with, the answer varies. Logically, a well run site with little to no errors most likely helps with Search Engine Optimization.  Large corporations have the advantage of employing a team to administer and monitor sites. Most Bloggers, especially newbie’s don’t.

I spent a very frustrating 2 days, trying to find a WordPress plug-in that works.  I’m using a plug-in for sharing at the end of my posts called Really Simple Facebook Twitter Share Buttons.  It’s a great plug-in and provides the simple  functionality I wanted.  I then signed up with Google+, eagerly created my profile and added my Google+ info to the Really Simple Share Settings.  Big mistake.  Site Report Card validation showed I had 18 errors all because of Google+.  I then deactivated the plug-in and still had the errors so I had to delete the plug and then go back in and add it again without Google+.  I spent countless more hours trying other plug-ins which yielded similar results.

I then decided to give it one last go and tried Add Google Plus one Social Share Button. To my amazement it worked.  No HTML errors.  Now the plug-in isn’t perfect.  On the plus side, as mentioned, there are no errors.  That’s very significant.  The flaws I have found is that the icon is placed on the main posts page but not the home page.  I looked in the options and there is an option for you to place the short-code for the button where you desire in the template.  I wanted to place it next to the Really Simple Share buttons.

After another few frustrating hours, I finally figured out that if I turn off the default position option of placing the Google+ button in the top, bottom or top and bottom of posts, then the read more button on my posts is disabled and if you click on a post title to view it in its entirely, it’s blank.

Determining the actual source of the problem is a bit beyond my technical skills. Although I am pleased to finally have the Google+ button on my site, it is not in an ideal location.  I did send an email to the plug-in author and when I receive a response, I’ll pass along any relevant information. He also has a site that has great information.

Bottom line is that if you want a Google+ plug-in for WordPress on your site that passes validation, you now have  a viable option.



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