Glitter, Decadence and Farming…only in Las Vegas!

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What has 44 ponds is eco friendly and aims to produce 462,177 lbs annually?  If you guessed’ Blue Oasis Shrimp Farm in Las Vegas, then you’re right.

Yes you heard that correctly, Shrimp.   This complements the pig farm  that has 6,000 pigs.  Does that surprise you?  I think most know that besides being all things gaming that Vegas…as we locals affectionately refer to it, has a reputation as being the marriage (and divorce) capital of the world and is also home to the nations highest foreclosure and unemployment rates but did you know that it is one of the highest shrimp consumers? Sixty-thousand (60,000 pounds) are consumed here daily

Bellagio Fountains Las Vegas, NV

Bellagio Fountains

How much is sixty thousand of anything?  In fiscal terms, most people can relate to $60,000. Currency, in its various forms, is our nations lifeblood. Can you close your eyes and imagine one thousand in $1 bills placed neatly in groups of 10 and each group has 100 bills in it. I can.  Now multiply it by 60.  I longingly picture myself sitting amongst those piles.

But 60,000 pounds? Each and every day!  Using the example above, imagine that each dollar is a pound and that 20 units make up each pound.  Since 20 nickels comprise one dollar, let’s go with that example. That little image of luxuriating around all those piles of dollar bills quickly fades…nickels would be everywhere, 1.2 million to be exact per day (60,000 x 20).  On average, there are more than 20 shrimp per pound for the size of shrimp that Vegas utilizes, which means the actual figure is even higher! Disclaimer: If I was given $60,000 in any form other than bills, I’d obediently roll it, however, I think you get the picture

So is everybody eating shrimp?  To the tune of 1.2 million!  I conjure up images of people sitting around just eating shrimp. In hotel lobby’s, at the slot machines, in the casino sitting at the tables playing blackjack, in line at the DMV, dancing in the nightclubs, strippers plying their trade while eating shrimp and just everyone walking around just stuffing their faces with their share of 1.2 million shrimp!  The reality is that I’ve observed none of this and see  folks eating shrimp only in the buffets or in the restaurants.  There are no shrimp vendors that I am aware of, on Las Vegas Blvd. hawking shrimp.

Vegas could serve as the ultimate example of polarity.  Gaming Mecca on one end: a pig and shrimp farm on the other.  Besides being the gossip of tabloid fodder and the endless stories of people getting rich (and going broke) there is another side to Vegas…the great, fun and exciting one.  The city that truly never sleeps.  The city where you can go shopping at 2am, find an endless choice of restaurants and bars that are open around the clock, stroll and shop in world renown shopping malls, enjoy a great sunny climate nearly year round and it is home to some of the worlds best technology and beautiful infrastructure.

That’s the Las Vegas I’ve grown to love and I am proud to call it home.


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