Does New York State Sen. Thomas F. O’Mara ever use the internet?

May 24th, 20120 Comments »

Does New York State Sen. Thomas F. O’Mara ever use the internet?

The reason I ask if because he is trying to pass through a bill, S6779, that would require that any anonymous post online be subject to removal if the poster refuses to post and and verify their legal name, their IP address, and their home address. Hello? Last I heard we live in the USA!

Here is part of the bill,

A web site administrator upon request shall remove any comments posted on his or her web site by an anonymous poster unless such anonymous poster agrees to attach his or her name to the post and confirms that his or her IP address, legal name, and home address are accurate. All web site administrators shall have a contact number or e-mail address posted for such removal requests, clearly visible in any sections where comments are posted.

There would have to be enormous controls to ensure that this extremely private information does not get in to the wrong hands. Let us not forget the huge invasion of privacy and the very real potential of this information falling in to the wrong hands. Are you are business traveler and perhaps have a few hours to kill at the airport and figure you’ll catch up on some work and perhaps post to a few forums?  Forget it, your information could easily be intercepted by hackers and you’d come home to an empty house!  Would you want your children posting or sharing this extremely private info on line and perhaps across insecure networks? I doubt it.  Enjoy using the free wifi at Starbucks? Not anymore … unless you want vital information easily intercepted. What if someone knows you and gets a hold of your IP address? Imagine the repercussions!   The list goes on and on and on and on.

If such a bill ever were to pass, the internet would cease to operate as we know it since virtually all websites would no longer accept comments.

I’m sure O’Mara probably has good intentions since the bill talks about preventing cyber bullying.  This is clearly the case of someone reacting without fully thinking things though. Still, with all due respect, O’Mara appears quite clueless to even sponsor such a ridiculous bill which leads me to ask again,

Does New York State Sen. Thomas F. O’Mara ever use the internet?  I doubt it.

Please feel free to contact Senator O’Mara with your thoughts on this bill.  His email link on his official website is so not prominent that you may not reach him directly that way.  The email listed is [email protected].  I suspect a phone call, in this case, might be more effective.  The phone numbers listed are 607-776-3201 and 607-735-9671.

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