Do Strip Clubs and Casinos Mix?

January 3rd, 20120 Comments »
Are strip clubs and casinos the new pairing? 

In what may be considered a somewhat surprising move, The State of New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) has approved Scores, to open up shop at the Trump Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City.  Do Strip clubs and casinos make a good partnership? 

According to the Press of Atlantic City, the dancers will take the stage in an evening gown and strip down to a thong and pasties.  Lap dances and touching is strictly prohibited however the dancers can dance very close to patrons upon request.

Las Vegas, NV South Strip ViewMy initial reaction was that A.C. must see this move as a way to reverse the continuing decline.   November 2011 total casino win for Atlantic City fell 6.3%. Slot win decreased by 4.9% and tables games win declined by 9.6%. Trump Taj Mahal figures reported to the DGE reflect double digit declines for November 2011 as compared to November 2010.

Will other states follow suit?  In Las Vegas and downtown Las Vegas, “Party Pits” have been around for years. Although the party pits are not strip clubs per se, the atmosphere is very similar. Loud, pulsating music, beautiful women in barely there attire dealing…yes dealing, dancing, serving drinks and offering the casino patrons the opportunity to get up close and personal while chitchatting and spending money.

When the party pits first began cropping up, I must admit I was surprised but it is an idea that has caught on. Caesars Palace for a time offered a shadow dancing experience that was very akin to an upscale Gentlemen’s club. From themed fetish pits and mob-era inspired party pits complemented by bartenders dancing in bikinis on the bar outside the Golden Gate on the Fremont Street Experience to the more upscale yet equally scantily clad Go Go dancers on the strip, one message is abundantly clear.  Sex sells. Or should I say sex still sells.

Still the idea of taking it to the next level and having an actual strip club within the confines of a Casino could pose some challenges.  While the Execs at Trump Taj Mahal are likely foaming at the mouth at the very thought of big spenders throwing around wads of cash and praying to the gaming Gods that some of this money finds it’s way to the gaming floor, there are many operational aspects to consider.  Will the Scores strippers be allowed to parade around the casino in their pasties? I’m sure many can identify with the challenge in keeping front line team members in full uniform when walking through the casino floor before and after their shift. But pasties!

Will the Security force need to be increased and undergo additional training?  Should metal detectors be required to ensure no one is carrying a handgun?  How do you differentiate – will metal detectors be required at main casino entrances or just the club?  In the (un) likely event of a shooting within the confines of the club, how quickly can the perimeter be secured? How will patrons react?

Most likely it will be business as usual. Perhaps Atlantic City will regain its glory days and once again serve as a model for other jurisdictions to follow.  Only time will tell.

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