Dana White has got it all wrong!

February 5th, 20120 Comments »

Dana White, known mostly for his association  as President of the UFC has rattled the cages of many by publicly supporting SOPA.  The masses know that Dana White  got it all wrong and the proof is that the bill has been shelved.

White, a colorful individual has worked hard to successfully raise the status of the UFC from a small entity to a more mainstream audience.  As a fan of the UFC,  I truly wish he would have investigated what SOPA really is before going public with his statements.

Many times when people achieve  wealth and publicity, they tend to go off into a world of their own.   It happens all the time.  They simply don’t live in the “real” world.  Not everyone has the fantastic and incredible opportunity to have the Fertitta brothers as personal friends.  It was the Fertitta brothers who purchased the UFC.  Remember that. Perhaps if White worked as a professional blogger or in any other profession where he  was struggling on his own, he would realize the serious ramifications this bill poses to your average American Citizen.

He should think back to the days when he was an aerobics instructor.  He was able to leave that behind by his most fortunate association with the very wealthy successful and respected Fertitta brothers.  If he stayed on his own, he would have, without a doubt, used the Internet as a mode for attracting new business in his quest for success .  I truly believe he would have been absolutely enraged to find out that if some large company decided to  target him for whatever reason, even if that reason was completely baseless,  that he could be instantly put out of business.  No questions asked.  I think in that scenario  the public persona of White that we have come to know would have been, back then, one of the staunchest supporters of STOP SOPA.

Dana White got it all wrong and should stay out  of politics.



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