Clark County Commissioners postpone Las Vegas strip adult news racks issue indefintely

November 5th, 20130 Comments »

No action on Vegas strip adult news racks

People from all over the world enjoy visiting the Las Vegas strip and most have great things to say about Las Vegas.

If there is one complaint that is heard time and time again, it’s that visitors do not like the news stands that can be found in abundance on the Las Vegas strip.

If you add the smut peddlers and street “entertainers” into the mix, a simply stroll along the famed Las Vegas Blvd can turn a relaxing stroll into an unsettling experience for some.

Clark Country Commissioners were scheduled to address the issue at a board meeting and, disappointingly, failed to take any action at Tuesday’s meeting.

At one time, the news racks were used by traditional news media.  Soon, as more inexpensive licenses became available, the adult industry moved in and took over.

You’d be hard pressed to find a mainstream newspaper in any of the hundreds of racks that dot the Las Vegas Strip.

The matter has been in court numerous times with the county coming out on the losing end due to the first amendment rights of the news rack operators.

Legal arguments thus far have been in favor of the news rack operators.

Trying a new tactic, the Commissioners have argued that the news racks on Las Vegas Blvd are a safety concern.

To date, the only real policing of the Vegas strip adult news racks is conducted by the Clark County Vector Control.

Their authority is limited to simply writing violations if any of the news racks are broken or in disrepair.

County Commissioners has drafted up a three-part Business Impact Statement regarding the proposed ordinance that would prohibit the placement of news racks within certain areas on or near Las Vegas Boulevard.

It is unknown when the matter will be rescheduled.

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