Hotel and Casino Safety Tips when visiting Las Vegas

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The cold, hard truth is that crime can and does occur everywhere.

Whether you are enjoying your well-deserved Las Vegas vacation, or even a night out at a hotel and casino, spending just a few moments thinking about your personal safety is something that should be a part of your “traveling routine”.

Using common sense and employing these very basic casino safety tips can really make a difference.

The good news is that you are fairly safe when you are in the casinos, however crime still occurs.

Particularly if you are careless or distracted.

You can minimize your chances of becoming a victim by preparing in advance, utilizing some basic safety tips.

Hotel and Casino Safety Tips

Keep hotel door locked with the deadbolt engaged

Anytime that you are in a hotel room, lock the door and use the deadbolt. Simple, yet people do not always adhere to this, particularly if they are traveling with a group of people staying in different rooms.

Many times, friends will prop their door open so their friends can enter easily. Not a smart move. Lock the door anytime you are inside a hotel room.

If someone knocks on your door do not open it unless you are absolutely certain you know who is there. Use the peephole.

Bring portable security devices with you

Portable security devices work very well and are relatively inexpensive. Here are some good choices to consider.

Door Guard. A door guard hangs on your door and is activated when it senses any vibration. They work quite well and have a loud alarm that will wake even the most sound sleeper, and probably guests in nearby rooms. They are not foolproof though, so it’s best to make it a part of your traveling security package.

Door stopper alarm. Another device that provides added security is a handy little door stopper that has an alarm built in. Similar to the door guard, it emits a high decibel alarm to warn you if someone is trying to enter your room.

Buddy Bar door jammer. This is one of the best products on the market. Although it adjusts in size, it is larger and heavier than the first two items, weighing in at a little more than 8 pounds. It is adjustable and can fit into many types of travel cases,

The Buddy Bar door jammer provides peace of mind and is a quality, durable piece of equipment that prevents your home or hotel room door from being opened.

Portable door jammer. Not quite as good as the Buddy Bar, this portable door jammer featured below is lightweight, and is a good alternative if you do not want to carry the heavier Buddy Bar with you.

Recommended portable security devices.

Avoid pulling out wads of cash.

Unless you are an ultra high roller with security and casino staff attending to your every need, or a celebrity or public figure traveling with bodyguards, let others flash the cash.

The bad guys watch for people that seem to have an endless supply of cash.  Smart gamblers usually have a set sum that are going to gamble with and keep that money separate from the rest of their funds.

Women should keep their handbags close to them at all times and not leave their purses on top of a slot machine or on the floor.

Don’t share you entire life story with someone you have just met

Sometimes people fueled by the excitement of the casinos, and yes, the alcohol too, can lose just a little too much of their inhibitions and become overly friendly.

While it’s nice to be nice, there is no need to tell your new-found friend how much money you have.

You should also not divulge what hotel you are staying at, who you are traveling with, your room number, or even your last name.

Remember, you just met and unscrupulous individuals can use this information in an attempt to gain personal information about you and possibly burglarize your room.

Be careful when handling any winnings

Pay attention to your surroundings and be extra cautious when leaving the casino or going to your hotel room.

If you suspect that someone is following you, or if there is an individual or a group of people that you just have a bad feeling about, go over to the security desk or casino cage and have a security officer escort you to your car or room.

Also be aware that if you win a large sum of money, you can opt to take all or part of it in a check.

Using these safety tips when traveling can help keep you and your money safe, allowing you to enjoy your time in Las Vegas.

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