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Unemployment extension information 2013

Unemployment information 2013 As most of you know, Congress passed the  the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 on January 1, 2013 which included a provision for the extension of…

Unemployment Extension 2013 approved

Unemployment Extension 2013 approved The House of Representatives is voting as I write this on the passage of the bill that has already been approved in the Senate to avoid…

Unemployment Extension 2013; latest updates

Unemployment Extension 2013; latest updates Here  is the latest news on the Unemployment Extension 2013. First a little history, in plain English, so you will better understand. Unemployment benefits ended…

Nevada unemployment rate drops in November; unemployment extension update

Nevada unemployment rate drops in November The Nevada unemployment rate drops in November but is that really good news? On the surface it seems to be. Last November the silver…

Nevada Unemployment Extension 2013 updated information

Nevada Unemployment Extension 2013 updated information We’ve been swamped with inquiries from readers in Las Vegas wanting to know if we have any additional information about a potential Nevada Unemployment…

Unemployment extension 2013 updates

Unemployment extension 2013 As the deadline gets closer, many Americans, particularly those who are out of  work, are wondering if there will be an extension of unemployment benefits. Currently the…

Unemployment Extension 2013

Unemployment Extension 2013 Will there be an unemployment extension in 2013? That’s the question that many Nevadan’s, and the unemployed in other hard hit states, are asking. As it stands…

Top 5 resume tips for the modern age

Let’s face it – things change!  And that should include your resume.  You want to make sure that it is updated, not only with our most recent job but it…

state extended jobless benefits ends for thousands

State extended jobless benefits for thousands end with many of the hardest hitting states, such as Nevada and California, affected. Nevada, for example, offers 4 Tiers of unemployment benefits after…

How to find a job in the Casino Industry

Through the years, I have helped friends, family, acquaintances and yes even total strangers find a job in the Casino Industry. It’s something that I enjoy doing and I really…

7 Steps Help Ensure Safe Online Job Search

With the popularity of the Internet, it is not surprising than an increasingly large percentage of job searches are online job searches. In fact, many employers simply do not accept…

Volkswagen turns off BlackBerry email during non-work hours

Responding to employee complaints about their quality of life, German Volkswagen has turned off BlackBerry email by not sending BlackBerry email to the servers during non-work hours. Company BlackBerry email…

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