Should Bobbi Kristina be fined for underage gambling at MGM Grand casino during 2012 Billboard Music Awards event?

May 23rd, 20122 Comments »

The recent 2012 Billboard Music Awards has been in the news not only for the great event itself but also for the publicity generated due to Bobbi Kristina, daughter of the late Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, being caught on-tape gambling at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Should Bobbi Kristina be fined for underage gambling at MGM Grand casino during 2012 Billboard Music Awards event?  I say yes. In this day and age of gambling, I think it is a very reasonable expectation to know what the legal age for gambling is.  Much like, you “just know” what the legal drinking age is. I remember growing up, counting the days until I could take my first “legal” sip of alcohol.  It’s a right of passage. They go hand in hand. I know – some of you will say that she is not from Las Vegas. So what.? She is from New Jersey which has a gambling age of 21.

I’d be more inclined to being sympathetic if Bobbi Kristina was perhaps from an isolated Indian reservation, in Idaho for instance, where the legal gambling age is 18.  If that were the case, I could buy in to the explanation that she will invariably use of  “I didn’t know”.  For someone who is the child of well-known celebrities, as is the case of Bobbi Kristina, and is well traveled, I simply do not accept that explanation.

The issues more important to Las Vegas and the gaming industry in general are will the Nevada Gaming Commission actually fine Bobbi Kristina, and/or the MGM Grand.

Although there are regulations in place to ensure that underage gambling is not permitted, we all know that underage folks can and do slip through, in spite of the numerous internal policies and training in place to comply with gaming regulations.  Will the Nevada Gaming Commission be extra cautious in their handling of the matter and not fine Bobbi Kristina because they are worried that it will affect future celebrity visits to Las Vegas?  It’s possible. The  Las Vegas economy is finally at the beginning of an upswing so they may very well be extra cautious in order to encourage continued celebrity visits to Las Vegas.

What about the MGM Grand? I can think of so many circumstances that can and do occur at a major event.  I think the key here is “reasonable”  Did they and do they take reasonable steps to prevent underage gambling?  The answer is most likely a resounding yes. Of course they do.

In this case, the onus should be on Bobbi Kristina,  Should Bobbi Kristina be fined, it will serve as a warning and reminder to other youngish celebrities.  If no action is taken, a troubling precedent will be set.

Bobbi Kristina investigated for underage gambling

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