Angry gamblers that break slot machine glass

January 15th, 20132 Comments »
Angry gamblers that break slot machine glass seem to be more prevalent in certain area of the United States

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Angry gamblers that break slot machine glass

Have you ever come across any angry gamblers that have broken the slot machine glass, intentionally or not, after giving it a good whack?

I’d venture to say that anyone working in the Casino Industry, for an extended period of time, has come across angry gamblers that break slot machine glass or have otherwise defaced a slot machine during their career.

In Las Vegas, for example, I’ve had the pleasure of working with both large and smalls scale operations.

Some of the the Casinos were very upscale; while others catered to a more ‘locals” market and truthfully, over a span of 20+ years,  it was not a common occurrence.

Sure it happens, but not THAT frequently.

Many people probably assume that it is simply angry gamblers punching the slot machine that causes the glass to break.

Not always.

I’ve encountered a few instances of well-heeled customers that was kidding around that the slot machine wasn’t paying out and jokingly tapped the machine.  Next thing you know, the machine glass broke. Either they hit it just right, or were stronger than they thought they were.

One time a very frail, elderly female high roller went to put her drink down and inadvertently clanked her drink glass against the belly glass of a slot machine because she was engrossed in looking at the machine while trying to put her drink down.

The glass broke and she was stunned. We were concerned that she was going to have a heart attack, right then and there.

Fortunately she didn’t, no one was hurt and the machine was quickly repaired.

I remember that we even privately joked that she must have hit it just right.

Another time, a very in-shape serviceman because extremely excited when he won a substantial jackpot.  In between “high-fiving” his buddies, he excitedly pounded the machine and instantly shattered the glass.

Yes, I’ve come across an angry gambler or two,( or three), who, because they were not winning, beat up a slot machine, however, the instances of them punching the machines are not forever etched in my memory because they are in the minority.

That not the case in Queens, New York. There has been a long-running problem at Resorts World Casino with Casino patrons breaking the glass.

A security officer at the casino claims that angry people punching and breaking the slot machines is a fairly frequent occurrence.  This security officer claims it happens 3 to 4 times a week, just on his shift.

Queens District Attorney, Richard A Brown, said,

The last thing that I anticipated was that we would have patrons punching out the machines. I guess they assume the machines won’t fight back.

Is it because of the neighborhood?  I can tell you, being a born and bred New Yorker, that area is not the greatest.

In contrast though, I can tell you that the downtown Las Vegas neighborhood is not that much different from Jamaica, yet I can still count the number of machines, at one casino I worked for, that had their glass shattered by angry patrons.

Resorts World is technically located in Jamaica, Queens, adjacent to JFK airport.

Some people will try to tell you that it is located in South Ozone Park, Queens but it’s not.

In any case, it is a lower income area with a not-so-low level of crime

Most will agree, even with people beating up the slot machines and the expected minor assaults and infractions that a casino will inevitably experience, that the casino itself is relatively safe with over 1,500 surveillance cameras in place.

No word though if any of the casino patrons in Queens, NY have urinated on the machines, defecated on the floor of a major strip casino or left an used diaper in the middle of the casino floor at a world renown strip casino casino chain.

Yes, I’ve personally received the calls to apprise me of the above-mentioned situations …  and then some.

With all the advances in technology that has been made in recent years, many slots now feature touch screens and, of course,  multiple LCD’s, so the angry gamblers that break slot machines can be costly to the casino – – if it gets out of hand.

It’s all about balance.

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  1. Miz.Chellie says:

    Hello Chance – the problems have supposedly been fixed. Don’t know if anyone actually got sick from the dining room. They may have and may not have known what it was from.

    The GN is really a nice place – the nicest downtown in my opinion – however I got very turned off after hearing about this. I used to eat there at least once a month, and haven’t been back.

    It’s almost unbelievable that the “new owners’ own Landry’s Seafood which leads me to believe that the problem was more deeply rooted in the management philosophy, which led to such horrible conditions. Still it’s inexcusable.

    They have been checked again by the Health dept and are now OK. I have not heard about any issues with their rooms.

    I can tell you then even years ago, their team member dining room was GROSS.

    Working in the casinos, I can also tell you that sometimes problems do happen, even big ones, and they do get fixed if the right management teams are in place.

    If you do give them a chance, I’d recommend that you ask to speak to a Supervisor and tell them about your concerns. If they assure you that all if OK, get their name – both first and last and the department they work in – so that you have some type of recourse and documentation if you decide not to stay.

    Have you looked into Caesar entertainment. They are, for example, very “vet friendly” and truly appreciate all the contributions that veterans have made and might have some good deals.

    If you do need any help in securing reservations, please feel free to drop me a line with some details (dates, how many people/rooms. budget, preferences, any wheelchairs or special needs etc) and I will see what I can do for you.

    Thanks to you and all the vets for your service to our country!

  2. any more articles on the rats and roaches at the
    Golden Nugget..
    We were planning our military reunion to take
    place there, but not now…
    Bad food with roaches?
    I can’t ask my surviving Vietnam Combat Vets
    to take a chance on roaches running across
    the rice or pasta..What would our wives think?
    …I know a good pest company here in Denver
    that can help…call me?
    …Did the Employee Dining Room people get sick
    from the roaches?

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