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Originally from east coast, with the accent to prove it I may add, I’ve thus far had a fairly diverse and happy life.  I’ve worked as a retail clerk, licensed realtor, multi-property  manager and managed a major travel agency to name a few. I even worked out of someone’s home-based business where I wrote instructions for complicated computer programs in plain, easy-to-understand English.  After I completed my education, my parents relocated to Las Vegas where I’ve remained ever since.

Being in a gaming “Mecca”, I could not picture myself working in any other field besides gaming and thus began my casino career.  I paid my dues, had some fabulous mentors and gained great, invaluable experience along the way while I worked my way up the corporate ladder….and have enjoyed nearly every minute of it.

Although I did not say it out loud, I was and am getting a teeny tiny bit older.  I began to start thinking more and more about my future and, so to speak, had an epiphany!  Since I am “on my own”, I really felt that I needed to do something more to secure my future and not become a casualty of the economy.  What would happen if I became ill?  How will I support myself 20 or 30 years down the line? How will I secure a decent nest egg for retirement? This really posed a dilemma since the adult portion of my career has been focused in casino gaming operations/management.  Although I am a fish to water in a gaming environment, I was beginning to become more and more concerned about my long-term future.  After much soul searching, I started researching related career opportunities and found what I thought was a fantastic opportunity at a major Gaming Manufacturer in their technical operations department.  OMG a match made in heaven.  I’d be utilizing all of my Casino Management skills, working within my chosen field, be thisclose to all the latest technology and have the security of a large company with all the bells and whistles to go along with it.  I considered myself very fortunate to secure such a terrific opportunity especially in a flailing economy and quickly accepted the position.


  • Casino Management and Operations Professional
  • Outstanding People Management
  • Top level interactive skills
  • Excellent Leadership
  • Project Management
  • Industry trends and latest technology
  • Proficient Fiscal Management
  • Manufacturing Experience
  • Ensures Compliance with Gaming Regulations and MICS
  • Superior Analytical skills
  • Proficient in Casino based software
  • Outstanding team-building skills
  • Executive training
  • Excels at establishing and implementing work standards
  • Licensed in nearly every US Gaming jurisdiction
Unfortunately or perhaps fortunately, depending on how you look at it, the “fantastic” opportunity turned out to be quite the dud.  In just a few short months, I saw the stock price rapidly falling to less than half of what it was and just when I was wondering about what the future held ….BAM – without any warning, I was laid off along with a few hundred others.  I may add that the timing could not have been worse since my brother became ill and lost his job nearly the exact same day and I care for my Mom. Talk about major friggin’ stress.

Although, I worked for the company for a mere 7 months, they exercised their legal right to block me from working in a related capacity (any other gaming manufacturer) for a year and wouldn’t budge.  Jeez a year. Be sure to check my Career Resources section in the near future for advice on what to sign and what not to sign.  The irony is that I voluntarily left a position and company that I was very satisfied with.  However the owner passed away and the future was, in my opinion not very secure. The company was in limbo and so was my future.  Ironically, the company has since been sold, has new owners in place and has great expansion plans.

After pouting for a bit and watching my savings, rapidly dwindle away, … I had another epiphany.  A major, life-altering one!  In my career, I’ve ALWAYS been known as the resident leader and expert.  In my personal life, I seem to be the “go-to” person for advice, tech help and anything Las Vegas. I’ve had friends joke that they are calling the help desk when they are calling me…lol.  It was time for me to consolidate all this wonderful experience I’ve been afforded the opportunity to acquire and go out on my own.

My goal? Develop a presence on-line, a platform to share great, relevant information, help others, and at the same time make a livelihood and secure my future by doing what I really enjoy and what I excel at.  Being the eternal optimist that I am… I decided to put my Casino, Management, Training and Technical Skills to good use and start this blog.  Here you will find all things Vegas along with anecdotes and information not available anywhere else and a section where I offer out my consulting services.

And that my friends, is how Chellie’s World™ was born.

Please help support me on my quest by visiting often and by donating via PayPal below .  I’m eternally grateful for your help.


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