96-year-old man attacked in Sunset Station parking garage

November 3rd, 20132 Comments »

96-year-old man attacked in Sunset Station parking garage

As he was making his way out of the casino, a 96-year-old man, who was using a walker, was followed and then attacked in the Sunset Station parking garage.

The victim was making his way to the parking garage on Oct 30 at approximately 4 p.m.

He was followed by the suspect who approached the elderly man from behind, robbing and attacking him.

The attack left the victim hospitalized.

Surveillance footage shows the suspect following the man in the casino and shows the suspect behind the victim in the parking garage.

Older people are often targeted by criminals because they are easy targets.

Sadly, elderly people, even those that are in relatively good shape, can suffer deadly consequences when attacked.

Their bodies simply cannot withstand the effects of an attack and recover in the same way a younger person can.

In 2010, Bertha Meier, 95, was walking through a Smith’s shopping center parking lot, located at Desert Inn Road and Decatur Blvd, when two woman tried to rob her.

They need money to bail a friend out of jail.  They were going to “trick-roll” a John and when that plan did not pan out, the women decided to find an easy target and they zeroed in on Meier.

Meier refused to let go of her purse and was dragged across the parking lot, still holding on to her purse. The suspects left empty handed and were later captured.

Meir died from her injuries.

Crime is awful no matter who the victim is, however, it is extremely appalling when a thug takes advantage of an elderly person in their twilight years.

Police are asking for the public’s help in identifying the suspect who attacked the 96-year-old man attacked in the Sunset Station parking garage.

He was wearing a black knit hat and dark clothes.

Sunset station robbery suspect being sought in attack of elderly man.

(Photo: Henderson PD)

Please take a careful look at the photo and video above.

If you have any information on the case, you are asked to contact the Henderson Police Department at (702) 267-4750. Tips can be provided anonymously by contacting Crime Stoppers at (702) 385-5555 or online at crimestoppersofnv.com.

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