9 Steps to Create and Install a Favicon in your WordPress blog

December 22nd, 20110 Comments »

Want to install a favicon? Have you read all the guides, followed the instructions to the letter, saved the files in the required .ico format, installed them to the themes folder and it still won’t work? Are you getting the dreaded empty square where your favicon is supposed to be? Ready to scream or pull your hair out? I feel your pain.

After countless hours of following what seems to be every guide out there … and I am fairly tech savvy, I found a very simple method that works. Note: If you have tried this before pay extra attention to steps 5 and 8. That is what made all the difference.

  1. Visit this site.
  2. Click to the right of the image to use box that says browse and select the image you wish to use for your favicon.
  3. Click generate favicon.
  4. If you desire, select any customizations.  I removed animation since it can be distracting.
  5. You will see your image with a #1 in it. This is very important – right click image to open in a new tab and leave it open.
  6. Download MBP Favicon, unzip and drop it via ftp into WP content plug-ins.
  7. In WordPress admin panel, go to plug-ins and activate MBP Flavicon. There are a few steps to this that the plug-in will walk you though. Basically you have to provide your email address and agree to receive mail. I actually find their emails interesting.
  8. Go to settings, MPB Flavicon. To select your favicon click on upload from URL. Use the path from the address bar of the tab you left open in step 5.
  9. Hurray. You now have a favicon

You can validate that your favicon is working here.  Please share your comments and let me know if this worked for you.

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