7 Steps Help Ensure Safe Online Job Search

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With the popularity of the Internet, it is not surprising than an increasingly large percentage of job searches are online job searches. In fact, many employers simply do not accept applications in person and direct you to their website.

With unemployment at record high levels in many states, you may find yourself in the beginning throes of conducting an online job search whether by choice or necessity so here is a guide of the 7 Steps to Help Ensure a Safe Online Job Search

The major online job search boards, such as Indeed Jobs, Casino Careers, Yahoo Careers, Monster and Career Builder offer you the opportunity to search for jobs and offer an additional free service for you to post your resume so that potential employers can view your resume. If you simply upload your resume, your information is visible. There is a confidential format available which some job seeker use, however if you are posting your resume with your personal details, even in confidential format, your personal details are still visible. To help ensure the privacy of your information and your personal safety, follow the steps below.

7 Steps Help Ensure Safe Online Job Search

1.) Save an additional copy of your resume with your name, address, phone number and e-mail removed. If your resume is, for example named “My Resume”, save a copy of the revised resume as “My Resume Confidential”.

2.) When uploading your resume use the resume that you have named “My Resume Confidential” and be sure to select the option to post your resume in confidential format. Many job seekers miss this important detail and assume that the service they use will automatically strip out their personal details. This is not always the case. If you select the confidential option and use your regular resume, your personal information may very well be visible.

3.) Be way of “blind ads”. If you want to respond to a job for a company that does not disclose who they are and their application process asks for your social security number, banking and credit card information or street address do not apply to that job. It is advisable to send an email to the service you are using detailing your interaction with so they can investigate and take further actions as needed.

4.) If the job opportunity requires a fee, do not answer the ad and send an email to the service you have used so that they are aware of it. Employers do not charge you to work for them. They have paid a fee to post their job on the board and to have access to the resumes of potential applicants. If an opportunity is requiring a fee, more often than not, they are scams and are simply trying to obtain your personal information. Please note that there are reputable employment agencies that may charge job seekers to use their service, however if they are operating under the guise of offering a job and then trying to charge for it, I’d recommend exercising extreme caution.

5.) When you are contacted for an interview be sure to obtain the name of person you are speaking to, their address and the company they represent. Again, do not provide any banking or credit card information or your home address. Use extreme caution if you are asked to meet off premises. Although there are, at times, legitimate reasons for having an off premise interview, you still want to be very cautious. Make sure you leave all details about your meeting with someone you trust.

6.) If you do set up an in person interview, be sure to double check the information they provided and perform a google search to make sure they are who they say are.

7.) Use the same steps noted above if you are using craigslist paying extra attention to steps 5 and 6. Although craigslist offers job postings, there have been a number of crimes associated with those either posting or answering ads. Extreme caution is recommended when meeting anyone from craigslist.

Please remember to pay attention and listen to your inner voice. If something does not smell right or makes you feel uncomfortable, you should take that warning very, very seriously. These 7 Steps Help Ensure Safe Online Job Search and will also help ensure the privacy of your information as well as your personal safety.

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Good luck in your job search

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